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  • What people are saying…

    No longer solo, singer/songwriter Dodd Michael Lede forms superb rootsy modern rockers the DML Cartel...

    Carson James -- Twang Town
  • If you like well-done modern rock with thoughtful lyrics about young men and women's view of life, this CD is for you! Recommended.

    Jim Shortts -- Scene Magazine May Issue
  • ... the DML Cartel would’ve been hit with the “alternative rock” tag. Fusing country, hard rock, and the edgy corners of grunge, the DML Cartel pack enough guitar crunch and mid-tempo angst to be played alongside the likes of Live and the Verve Pipe.

    Kit Burns -- Overground Underground
  • You’re going to love this CD. It’s got tons of guitars and lots of hooks to keep your interest

    Staff Reporter -- Music News
  • DML Cartel ...a tight-fisted classic-rock album with a Southern flavor and smash-mouth grit.

    Kyrby Raine -- Hellhound On My Trail
  • There are a lot of songs about people, It’s somewhat autobiographical.

    Dodd Michael Lede -- DML Cartel
  • I thought they were wonderful.

    Lindsey Pichard -- Houston Texans Client Services Coordinator
  • The DML Cartel is not your average Alternatve Rock. ...So, next time you are looking to rock, look no further than The DML Cartel. Guaranteed good time.