close up of Dodd at Scout BAr

Dodd was born in New York City but was raised primarily in Los Angeles until moving to Houston; he got here are quickly as he could.   He’s been making music since he was 15 years old.   His father was learning to play the guitar so there was always a guitar around.   His dad showed him a few chords and melody lines and the rest is history, to say the least.    Consequently, on his next birthday his father bought him his own electric guitar.   Dodd wanted to be a singer after hearing Steve Perry, of Journey, for the first time.   Dodd credits him with being the reason he has a desire to make music.   Shortly thereafter, Dodd discovered David Lee Roth & Van Halen.   He credits Diamond Dave as the reason he not only wanted to be a musician but also an entertainer.   But it was Perry Ferrell who inspired Dodd to be an artist with his music and videos.   “The art that you can draw from [music], mixing and matching tones and instruments like an artist does with colors.   In the big picture of life, I’m just creating a tapestry of music and videos.”   Dodd likes to personally meet as many fans as he can.   He loves hearing their feedback, good or bad.   It helps him grow as an artist, and as a person.   Coming up Dodd cut his musical teeth with a band called Spooky La Casa and 19 Good Bones.   Soon after he ventured out on his own and started the Dodd Michael Lede Band.    Dodd sees himself as insanely driven, always working on creating new music.